Jessica Cordes

Let's drive your Clinical Trials to Success.

I support you in achieving your Recruitment Goals

and the required Data Package

for your Clinical Trials.

I support you to build your Clinical Research

through structuring the Department and Processes,
and providing Training.

Hello, nice to meet you!

I support you to recruit your clinical trials
and collect your clinical trial data
in time and within budget

I am a professional in Clinical Operations dedicated to helping you

as a small Company to conduct successful First-In-Human Clinical Trials

and develop your Organization to achieve your Drug Development Goals.

With a Master's degree in Molecular Life Science and

over 15 years of experience in Clinical Trials, whereas over 12 years

in Oncology and over 6 years in Cell and Gene Therapy,

I have honed my skills in areas such as Protocol Design, Site Selection

and Site Feasibility, Patient Recruitment, as well as

Organizational Development and Leadership.

I can help you with

Protocol Design | Site Selection | Patient Recruitment

Your First-In-Human Clinical Trial

  • Preparing an Action Plan for all required Tasks
  • Defining your Protocol Design
  • Selecting your Sites
  • Selecting your Service Providers, Contract Research Organizations, Laboratories, System Providers, etc)
  • Negotiating Agreements with Service Providers as well as Sites
  • Validating Computerized Systems according to GAMP-5
Your Development of Cell and Gene therapies
  • Defining your clinical trial design
  • Defining your drug development plan
  • Considering operational specifications of ATMPs
  • Complying to ATMP specific guidelines
  • Your Clinical Research
    • Defining the organizaitonal structure
    • Preparing job descriptions
    • Hiring and onboarding GCP experienced people
    • complying to ATMP specific guidelines
    • Supporting and overseeing your Clinical Research team
    • Defining a GCP compliant strategy for your Clinical Research 
    • Preparing templates
    • Providing vendor governance
    Your Training
    • Get in touch with me for Live Trainings
    • In-person training
    • Live online training
  • Explore available eLearnings
  • Explore our Clinical Excellence Community

    Clinical Excellence Community
    Clinical Operations Roundtable

    Let's support each other!

    • Expand your Clinical Operations Network
    • Discuss Clinicl Trial Challenges
    • Share Experiences between Industry Peers
    • Discuss Industry Best Practices
    • Align on Optimizations and Innovations
    • Get an Overview of updated/new Guidelines
    Clinical Operations Spotlight

    Unlock the Power of spotlighted Information.

    • Stay ahead with essential Guidelines, expert Tips, and Practical Solutions
    • Enable a smoother Clinical Trial Oversight,       enhanced Efficiency, and strategic Decision-making
    • Get navigated through the evolving landscape of Good Clinical Practice
    and benefit from my expertise!

    You have generated promising preclinical data.

    Now, you want to investigate your Lead Candidate in the First-In-Human Clinical Trial. 

    Which Goals will you achieve if you recruit your Patients In-Time by using an experienced consultant?

    We will review together Your status quo and identify YOUR demands.

    We will then prepare an Action Plan to achieve YOUR goals within agreed timelines, budget, and quality. 

    You are interested in a structured approach with fact-based decision-making?

    Do you want to get experienced support to generate your required Clinical Trial Data Package In-Time?

    Book an Introductory Meeting now.

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    to accellerate Your Clinical Trials

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